Friday, 24 August 2012

Ouchies... Broken nails and how to fix them

While my nails seem to be in exceptionally great condition at the moment, I still had to deal with a broken nail a few days ago. I panicked--not only was it my favourite nail (yes, I actually have a favourite nail... don't ask) but the tear was so low there was no way I could have simply shortened my nail. After a little research with the help of my dear friend Mr Google, I found out that there is a simple and quite effective way to fix a broken nail without having to chop it off and wave it goodbye.

  1. Get yourself a teabag and get rid of the contents.
  2. Take the teabag paper and rip off a tiny bit, big enough to cover the tear and part of your nail. I prefer ripping to cutting, purely because I believe that it makes the fix a little more effective.
  3. Cover your nail with a generous amount of base coat.
  4. While the base coat is still wet, grab your tiny bit of teabag paper and stick it on your nail. Make sure you cover your tear!
  5. Finally, finish off with a generous amount of topcoat. 
  6. Feel free to repeat again and add a second layer to fix the tear.
This should keep you going for at least a little while. It doesn't look particularly pretty, but I definitely prefer this to shortening all my nails. Good luck!

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