Thursday, 20 September 2012

10 Large Textures and another Grunge Brush Set

Even though my brush set seems to be the least favourite download on my blog, I've got another set for you. I've got a few floating around on my computer so I may as well share them! Moreover, I've got another pack of large textures for you.

  • Set contains: 10 large (1152x864px) sized textures.
  • Please credit when used by linking back to
  • Comments are very much appreciated!
  • Download: here.

  • Set contains: 14 large grunge brushes, made with PS CS5.
  • Please credit when used by linking back to
  • Comments are very much appreciated!
  • Download: .abr, image pack.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Set of Icon Textures & one .psd file!

Today I have got a small icon texture set for you, as well as a .psd. Please consider voting in my poll: I'm still interested in hearing what kind of resources you like best!

Click on "read more" for the download links and the .psd preview.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Apologies for the lack of updates

I visited my family abroad for a while so I was rather busy! My next update will pop up on Tuesday, don't worry. ♥

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Set of 14 PS (CS5) Grunge Brushes

Here we go: the first brush set on! Please take a second and vote in the poll in the sidebar. I would like to know from you which Photoshop resources you usually go for: brushes, gradients, textures, etc. You people voting will help me provide you with the resources you want.

Also, stay tuned—I've got tons of resources coming: more brushes, textures, and icon textures. Any requests? Comment!

Rose accent nails

I finally found a cheap and cheerful super thin nail art brush. It's from Peggy Sage, a lovely European brand that specialises in nail care. I've had "Fleur Secrète" on for days and despite not wearing any top coat the polish has only chipped the tiniest bit today. Impressive! A few days ago, I decided to test my first nail art brush and painted a few roses on my ring fingers. They're not too bad considering I recycled problematic nail polishes I've had around for years, plus it's my first try drawing on my nails freehand.

Note the new watermark! Pride!
  • Base coat: Rimmel London Nail Hardening base coat,
  • Base colour: Peggy Sage 028 "Fleur Secrète",
  • Nail art colours: an ancient L'Oréal polish in a silvery white, H&M "Moonless night", and Barry M "Silvery Lilac" for the leaves,
  • Top coat: none.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Big news: new name and domain!

I thought I'd treat myself to my very first and very own domain in the hope that I take this blog business seriously. In the unlikely case that you've bookmarked—please update your links to! I am super excited about this. I love the domain... I hope you do, too!

Love, Emelie x

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

New blog design & "Fleur Secrète"

Have you noticed my new blog design? I started to dislike the pink in the other one, and this is what I came up with as a result. I like it, especially the header!

I bought a gorgeous nail polish today and since my nails were still exhibiting like my latest stamping fail I decided to give the polish a go straightaway. It's a gorgeous shimmery dark red which has more of a purplish hue on the nails (see second picture). Despite being disappointed that it's not as red as I hoped, I still like it a lot. Think vampy nails.

  • Base coat: Rimmel London Nail Hardening base coat,
  • Base colour: Peggy Sage 028 "Fleur Secrète" (French for "secret flower"),
  • Top coat: none yet.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

My natural nails

Until very recently, I used to bite my nails quite a bit. When I decided to stop, I let my nails grow out a bit more and spent ages filing them into a lovely shape. And suddenly I didn't even think about biting my nails anymore--all that effort for nothing? I am quite happy with the way my nails look these days. They are far from perfect (I am still working on the shape) but compared to the condition of my nails a few years back they look very nice. In fact, at the moment they look so lovely in their natural state that I just felt like "letting them breathe" and not wear any polish for a few days. That, and I'm lazy.

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