Tuesday, 26 February 2013

REVIEW: Sally Hansen 'Dries Instantly' Top Coat put to the test! (Before/After pictures) (★★★★★)

When will winter finally end?! I've been feeling cold for too long now! I've been dying to put on pastel spring colours on my nails, but looking at the current weather I'd just feel silly. So I grabbed Topshop's 'Mermaid' to make that harsh winter a little more bearable/prettier.

Topshop 'Mermaid' with the Sally Hansen 'Dries Instantly' top coat

Pictured above is Topshop Mermaid with a coat of Sally Hansen 'Dries Instantly' top coat (available here for £4.67 plus £2.99 delivery). This picture was taken just after I'd finished painting my nails.

I was instantly in love—the bottle may look a bit cheap and drugstore-y but wow, the brush of this product is incredible! This top coat applied like a dream, and dried a lot faster than my Rimmel top coat. But that's not even the best news. Oh no, this top coat makes your nail varnish last for at least a week!

This is a picture of the same hand after 8 days:

Topshop 'Mermaid' with the Sally Hansen 'Dries Instantly' top coat

I hadn't done any repainting or touch-ups because of a busy schedule. I just let it be whilst I went on showering, scrubbing dishes, scraping labels off jars and opening soft drink cans every day. So, I am really impressed by this top coat's performance. Just imagine what it would look like if I had actually been careful!

Topshop 'Mermaid' with the Sally Hansen 'Dries Instantly' top coat

As you can see only my index and middle finger really suffered, whereas ring finger and pinky still look absolutely fine.

I approve, oh I do. This top coat is a must have for anyone too busy (or lazy) to paint their nails every couple of days.

Do you have any top coat favourites?

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  1. Gorgeous colour! I've never tried any topshop colours!
    I've tried so many fast drying topcoats! My first was sally hansen insta-dri which is amazing. Thick, glossy and dries in under 60 seconds. I then went onto Seche Vite which is my favourite but there are health scares around so I've gone back to insta-dri. I've tried Orly Sec n dry too which is good but not as thick and glossy as the other two :)

    I rarely leave my manicure on enough to know how long they last though hehe. x


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