Sunday, 21 July 2013

My first Inglot experience... Unfortunately not a good one.

When I realised that an Inglot shop opened nearby I couldn't wait to go check it out. After all, I have heard many people rave about it. Great quality for an affordable price, what more could a make up addict want?

So yesterday I got a chance to pop in. A rather miserable looking shop assistant was standing near the entrance as I walked in, but I got no reaction to my friendly "hello". I instantly felt awkward and like I wasn't welcome in the store. Not ideal during a first time visit...

Fortunately for Inglot, I instantly fell in love with the eye shadow display, so went on and tested a few products. The shop assistant watched me from the corner of her eyes, however not making a single attempt to talk to me or offer her advice. My boyfriend was quite appalled at the lack of customer service and asked her if she was okay, and she bluntly replied that she was "fine, just tired". That was all she said to us during my visit.

Inglot eye shadow in number 444

As a result I didn't exactly feel enticed to spend a lot of money. One of my purchases is eye shadow number 444, a gorgeous taupe-y silver. The product range is definitely impressive, but I am disappointed with the service that is so important in the make up industry. It's a shame.


  1. I've been hearing a LOT of negativity about their customer service through the blogosphere and I'm REALLY surprised it hasn't trickled down within their own company to step up their customer service.

    -Chrissy of

  2. Wow.

    Makeup stores aren't my hunting ground, but that's shocking how little customer service you got! I remember the one time I went into a beauty store, the people were super nice and though I felt like a bull in a china shop, they were very friendly. From makeup gurus like yourself, to unpolished beat up sneakers girls like me, getting a friendly response is crucial.

    It's a very pretty color! Honestly, when I saw the caption "shadow in number 444" I instantly thought of a dark grey... Because that's the color for #444444. Hahaha. #geekymoment

    Amelia | The Authoress


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