Design Service

What I offer
Custom Blogger design, which includes:
  • Custom made header, navigation bar, background image
  • Adjustments to fonts and layout 
  • Installation

  • Base price is £15.
  • Additional customisations:
    • Favicon: £1.00
    • Social network buttons (e.g. Pinterest, Twitter, Bloglovin, etc.): £1.00
    • Blog button: £0.50
    • Blogger profile picture for sidebar: £2.00 
    • Illustrated blogger profile picture for sidebar: £25.00
    • Post signature graphic: £1.00
    • Custom separator between posts: £2.00
    • Sidebar background graphic: £5.00
    • Footer graphic: £5.00

How it works
  • Get in touch! Send me an email including a link to your blog and your ideas. Tell me what kind of colour scheme you would like, what style of graphics you prefer (clean and simple or more extravagant), and so forth.
  • I will get back to you as soon as possible with my input, and we can then work out how best to proceed.

Portfolio Design Service - Example 1
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